APFC History

The Asia-Pasific Franchise Confederation (APFC)  is an amicable, non-political association of National Franchise Associations around Asia Pacific region. It was formed on 24th  September 1998 with the following associations as members.

  • Franchise Council Of Australia
  • China Chain Store & Franchise Association
  • Hong Kong Franchise Association
  • Franchising Association Of India
  • Indonesian Franchise Association
  • Japan Franchise Association
  • Korea Franchise Association
  • Macau Chain Stores & Franchise Association
  • Malaysian Franchise Association
  • Franchise Association Of New Zealand
  • Philippine Franchise Association
  • Franchising And Licensing Association Singapore
  • Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion Taiwan
  • Franchise & License Association (Thailand)
  • Turkish Franchise Association (Turkey)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The APFC was registered under the Registrar of Society Malaysia on 30 March 2005.

The objectives of the APFC are to provide a forum with properly constituted National Franchise Associations in the Asia Pacific region where they can share experience, information and technical “know-how” on franchising, including the establishment of better communication channels among members. It is also to encourage further development of properly constituted National Franchise Associations in all countries within the Asia Pacific region in order to strengthen the industry networking regionally and to present regional information in franchising and the common views of National Franchise Associations within the region to international bodies, like World Franchise Council.

Full membership of the APFC is open to all National Franchise Associations in the Asia Pasific region whose constitution requires a subscribing membership and a governing body which is in the majority composed of franchising companies or their representatives. For each country, only one national franchise association will be recognized by the APFC with the exception to be considered by the APFC on a case-to-case basis.

Meetings are held once per year. The secretariat is rotated from country to country with Malaysia Franchise Association (MFA) being the permanent secretariat of the confederation (2008 – 2014). The current Secretariat for APFC is Philippine Franchise Association.